Welcome on Animus-Sorrow.org!

Welcome on this small website, Animus-Sorrow.org. It is the collective for my shrines, fansites, fanlisting, and other domains, as well as for sites I host. The site is bes viwed with Mozilla Firefox.

This site is mostly about not very popular series, such as Xenosaga, Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile, but it also includes some stuff on famous serie such as Stargate or MGS, and even real life characters. Soon I hope to expend and add some content related to my others passion, namely Philosophy and Politic. I hope you enjoy the visit ^_^


The site's design has (finally) been remade, and the description pages for all new sites and domains will be added within the next week, as well as the link to the role-playing forum. The site will have elements added all over the summer.

A new domain has been bought, and gave birth to a new Fanlisting: the Xehanort fanliting, on Xehanort.net. i'll move my other Kingdom heart's site over to this domain within the next months, and will do a deep analysis of Master Xehanort.

General update for the year: some new websites were created, a specific page for them has yet to be added for them. Amongst them: The Aqua Fanlisting from Birth by Sleep, the Freya Fanlisting from Valkyrie Profile, the leodagan Fanlisting from Kaamelott, and a couple other. lady valkyrie opened the Jin Uzuki fanlisting (from Xenosaga)! I have aquired a new domain, Lathernia.com, where I will be adding details about the story and characters from my book, when I'll feel the time is right. Hopefully more updates next year.